12 Mar 2016

Oversized satchel in the making


As you might have noticed our collections doesn't change that much over the seasons. Each item is in an ongoing process as we look at details and function to understand how we can interpret and improve the bag. I love repetitions and I love to keep seeing new opportunities in the same item. For me that is just as interesting as starting from the bottom. However every now and then I feel a certain size is missing or I´m just inspired to do something new.

I was in Italy last August, looking for colours and new materials for the AW16 collection arriving July/August 2016. I love this process, it is without any doubt the part of my job that makes it all worth. I especially love to see Toni working at the factory. He is a modelist who has been in the business for more almost 50 years and you don't doubt that a second when you watch his skilled hands working. So Toni and I (and Filippo on the side of course) developed a new bag. It's related to our satchels but it is bigger and is probably the bag I have been working on for the longest time. These days it is still under development, but it will be here in a few months. Till then I will leave you with the pictures Line Klein captured when Toni was working on it.