Unexpected Meeting
Unexpected Meeting

2 years ago I brought my family to New York for 4 months. My mission was to explore the possibilities of opening a shop of my own in the city. I´ll tell more about this project at a later time...The reason for mentioning our trip to New York today is a whole other - and surprising story. The very short version is that besides returning to Copenhagen with a new perspective on a lot of things, we also came home one family member richer. His name is Jeuru and besides being a very special person, he ia also blessed with a one in a million voice, writing talent, intuition and musicality of the kind that can never be taught. Now 2 years after we first met in New York, Jeuru lives in Copenhagen and his first (and very personal) EP, King of the Cruel will be out this fall. While we are waiting in excitement for Jeurus own EP, you should take the time to listen to All the Same dream, by KYO w/Jeuru.The album is out August 31st and I already love it. Available for pre-over right here

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