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Color me
Color me

Have you ever noticed how a colour can affect your mind-set, when you enter a space and are surrounded by a tone you like or don´t like?

 A trip to visit my family in the Ivory Coast over 25 years ago convinced me that I was going to work with design. I instantly felt a connection to the simple aesthetics, scents, landscapes, shapes, and especially the dusty colours all over. These impressions have been with me ever since, and I always return to this place in my mind when developing new collections. Such inspiration greatly influences my creative process and can be seen in my designs, in a very subtle and indefinable way. Colours are how I express and convey my emotions; to me they are an essential mean of communication.

While studying design I would lose track of time at every opportunity I had to work with textures, materials and colours – And I still do today. I forget the world around me, fully absorbed by my ideas, thoughts, imagination and memories. I find it so fascinating how a colour can influence our mood and mind-set. It can inspire you, evoke positive thoughts, make you feel safe and relaxed, or the complete opposite.

For years I have dreamt about taking the time to explore colours more in depth and, recently, I had the opportunity. Over the past month I worked on an archive of tones that I feel are meaningful and essentials. I’m aware that how we perceive colours is very subjective, and these are my own colours developed for different projects of mine. But they were also created in a way that they are all connected and complementary, and they can be combined in endless possibilities. In my eyes they give a feeling of ease and warmth, as well as a sense of familiarity, which I hope you will have, too.

I’m excited to soon be able to share with you some of these colours and projects I am working on. Here’s a hint: You will soon be able to add a beautiful new palette to your home. Stay tuned for more personal colour news coming soon!

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