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Holiday boxes
Holiday boxes

Our custom-made gift boxes are back!

This year again and for a limited time only, when you buy Yvonne Koné products*, you will receive a beautiful, high-quality box in a curated seasonal colour. A perfect cross between storage and keepsake, to enjoy for years to come.

True to our dedication to outstanding craftsmanship, it only made sense for us to partner with Elvo for this project. The 100-year-old packaging company uses the same traditional methods and rare machinery as when it first started in an old, dusty Copenhagen factory. Old books, magazines and newspapers, brought by people living in the neighbourhood, are recycled to become fibre carton which, in turn, is cut, bended and stamped by two expert women with a unique savoir-faire. A slow, careful and skilful process that is a little like a step back in time.

Elvo was about to shut down its operation recently. Aware of the historical character the company had established, a group of creative entrepreneurs, including Københavns Møbelsnedkeri, recently decided to join forces and sustain Elvo’s operations. So the legacy lives on! We are proud to support this initiative and such heritage with our gift boxes.

*Only available with bags and our cashmere collection

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