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In Italy
In Italy

TUSCANY. Everything burst of colors here - the nature, the food, splashed on buildings … There is a different light here than back in Copenhagen - it has a warm yellowish and embracing tone on everything it hits. I stay at the same (secret;)) place in Tuscany every year for a couple of weeks in the end of the summer, to work on the new collection - the interior here is nothing to brag about, but the location and surroundings are amazing and unspoiled. No tourists in sight for miles.

I visit the factories where our bags and shoes are developed and produced. I always look forward to seeing Tonino at the bag factory - he is one of the most passionate human beings I’ve ever met, so intense and neat about his work. Being here always reminds me of how slow the process from idea to finished product is - sketching, reworking and adjusting - it takes its time.

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