SS19 Campaign
SS19 Campaign

For the past 6 years our products have been made entirely in Tuscany, Italy. For that reason it often feels like this is where the heart of our company is. This is where the artisans who are behind our products live and work, and this is where I go to develop every single product with them. When I'm there, I always wish that everyone who likes our products, could see the beauty in the people, the culture, the flowers, the colors and the landscapes. Sometimes even in the small, random details and villages I pass by, that are not always perceived as pretty, but in my eyes are still beautiful. I wished to include Tuscany in a campaign for many years, and it was therefor an extra great pleasure to bring my lifetlong friend (and little brother-not by blood), Hasse Nielsen to see this little secret place and shoot our next spring campaign. Earlier in the spring I also fell in love with the most beautiful model, Raquel  who came from Spain to meet us for a day. Our creative partners NR2154NYC are behind the creative direction and the result will  be out in february 2019. Till then, here’s a little glimpse.... Probably not the last I'm going to show here before time😏

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