Yvonne’s Favourites

This new section of the site allows you to discover some of Yvonne Koné’s personal favourites – Handpicked products that bring her joy and elevate her every day.

Here, we rounded up a few plant-based formulations from ‘Less is more’ that have been a consistent part of Yvonne’s daily hair and skin care routine for years. She loves them for their quality, natural ingredients that provide effective, lasting effects, but also for their beautiful aromas, which is something the designer deeply cares about.

“As a child, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ in the country side. They had a huge garden where fruits, flowers and vegetables were abundant. It was my quiet sanctuary and an experience for my senses. The roses’ almost hypnotic fragrances, the geranium’s uplifting smell, the lavender’s soothing effect… they made a lasting impression on me. Precious moments in this garden shaped my passion for aromatics and the importance of scents in my daily life.” – Yvonne Koné

More fab discoveries and heartfelt recommendations coming soon!


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