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3 days of Design is around the corner and you're invited!
3 days of Design is around the corner and you're invited!

Connecting with people and more than that, connecting people has always been a big part of my passion and drive, both when it comes to work and my private life. That includes you, our loyal clients and followers! It’s been a while, since I invited, you guys to come over and it’s about time. I’m therefore super excited to open the doors to my shop during 3 Days of Design, where one of my most badass friends, Lonnie will curate an exhibition through her new company adventure, Esse7 in collaboration with Ark Journal.

My teenage friend Hess is more and his beautiful wife You Are What You Feast, which is also a dear friend and special person, you need to know, will join with some surprises.  Last, but not least! It will be your change to see the BEAUTIFUL work from Marrow Project, and get a taste for Yola Mezcal - a stand out, female owned, handcrafted organic mezcal, made from a recipe passed down from Yola's grandfather.

I'm so excited about this set-up, and we all cannot wait for these days soon to come. So please make sure to mark them now already: June 7th & 8th

We look forward to seeing you!