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Everything but 7ups
Everything but 7ups

Over the years, while working in Tuscany, I mainly stayed at the same little countryside hotel. When I arrive there, it feels like home, and I don’t need to make up my mind, or spend any energy, deciding whether or not, this is the right place to stay. It just feels like the right place. But after covid, a lot has changed and “my” usual place is now closed half of the year. So I've had to explore new places, while going during winter season. This visit, my coworker, Sara and I, were the only two guests at a new hotel, we found. And after she returned to Copenhagen, I've been the one and only guest for more or less my whole stay! A pretty special feeling, as the hotel is quite big, but these days, I find it kind of fun to imagine, being the only person. For a few hours at least. 

Last week, driving home from work, I saw a little sign for a vineyard, and figured, I would check it out. Honestly, I do enjoy a lonely glass of wine on a rare occasion down here, and decided it was time. However, I took the wrong turn and ended at, what turned out to be the sweetest little agriturismo. The place is run by a family living there, and all I can say is, if you are planning a trip to Tuscany, you should definitely pass by here! You are instantly met with a warm smell of homemade food, and everything is REALLY tasteful and delicious.

Pretty with pretty on top in the simplest and most honest way. No doubt this place is made with much love, by the family living here. And by the way, as this is an agriturismo, don’t expect to find 7ups, or other commercial or imported products on the menu. "Just" locally made delicacies.

On a last note, this is not sponsored, just a warm and sincere shout-out and a suggestion to go visit, next time you're in Tuscany.