Falling for Fall
Falling for Fall

Every fall, the same nostalgic feeling hits, that often comes along with any transition. At the same time, a calmness, and a need to pause and reflect, can bring new inspiration and clarityLiving in Denmark, we know that fall is just the beginning of a looong period with less light. The sky is often grey during this season, and some days seem to end before they've started. We tend to talk a lot about it, frankly the darkness and weather -especially the rain, are often opening lines to a conversation. Of course, it can be challenging to be surrounded by dark skies half the year, but on the other hand, our fascination for grey huges, and our need to get cosy inside also have their upsides. 

I've always preferred getting together privately, over sitting in an overcrowded restaurant, when more than a few people. I love the gesture of inviting someone to your home, cooking and setting a table for them, feels intimate and giving. So recently, to mark the arrival of fall, and also because we skipped our summer-get-together, my little team YK came by for a casual dinner after work. And as the cosiest month of all, December is approaching, I'm already planning our next dinner together...

Till then, here's an invitation to you; if you feel, winters can be a bit too long and static; embrace the possibility of actually taking it more slow, invite people you care about to your home, and invest a little time and love in preparing a simple home-made dinner. It doesn't need a reason or occasion to get together.

As I'm still in the process of making my new apartment a home, I don't have a dining table yet- so, as a start I bought two camping fold-out tables and covered them with a linen bedspread. The table was set with my starter pack of ikea plates, glasses were borrowed from our friends at &tradition, the vases are vintage and the mesmerising, oversized ballons were kindly gifted By Cherise  


Ps the balloons are still going strong 4 weeks after, and I just learned, that you can actually empty them and reuse them, smart right?