Good-bye Albi bum bags....
Good-bye Albi bum bags....

Back in 2007, I spent my days sketching out a bum bag. I remembered the classic fanny pack from my youth and those cheap nylon versions that still adorned the waists of tourists. It was anything but hip or cool... but the function of this kind of bag resonated with me. Its versatility and practicality made so much sense for someone living in Copenhagen; cycling every day to go anywhere and taking care of small children while keeping your essentials close to your body and your hands free.

I wanted something roomier, with a long, cross-body strap and timeless appeal. I tried out different versions, none of which made the cut, until one day, when I finally had it all. And the Albi bum bag was born.

Since then, we’ve produced and sold so many of them. In fact, year after year, the Albi and Large Albi were consistently among the top 5 best-selling bags in our collections, and they still are today.

So why would anyone want to say bye to something that works so well, something that actually did become a classic, and something that is loved by many?

Being a designer is for me a constant work of processing and interpreting the time you live in. Design is about communication. It’s about intuition, listening to your gut feeling, and staying true to your vision. It is also sometimes about having a blank canvas and not knowing what’s next.

I feel deeply honoured and humbled to see so many people wearing and cherishing our bum bags. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you to all who invested in and took care of one of our bum bags. It’s been a fun ride!

But time passes, things evolve, and so do we. And I feel it is time for something new, something that reflects the time we live in today. I envision a new, more straightforward design with cleaner lines and with a less “rock” look. The design process will be organic and thorough, and I will reveal the new line of bum bags when I am absolutely convinced it is the best version it can be.

Until then, don't panic! We just received the last stock of our Albi and Large Albi bum bags from Italy! And as a special farewell treat we are giving you a little discount for as long as stock lasts. But be quick: When they are gone, they are truly gone...

Spread the word, and let the new journey begin!