Hi Filippo
Hi Filippo

Meet Filippo! One out of many key persons, in a long chain of skilled craftsmen, we are lucky to be working with in Tuscany. 

We first met on a sunny afternoon, just outside Florence, at the bag factory, he was currently running. For some time, I had been (desperately) looking for the right team of craftsmen in Italy. During the process, I had to learn the hard way, as the search turned out to be way more expensive and complex, than I had ever imagined. So at the time we met, I was sceptical, if not close to giving up establishing a luxury bag production in Italy, as a tiny unknown brand. But everything changed the moment, I met Filippo, as it was pretty clear, that this was a special man of honor, with a loyal heart of gold, who even if he was busy, was open to support my vision and invest his time and knowledge in my products. At this stage, I did not have much to offer in a business, where money is usually power. So in many ways this afternoon, turned out to be one of the most crucial moments for my company, -and not least for my confidence in trusting the production direction, I really wanted to pursue. 

Over the past 9 years we’ve developed, not only a partnership, but a friendship, and along with Filippo followed his beautiful and powerful wife; Ketty and their two sons, who are all today a big part of the making of our bags (more about them another time soon!).

Filippo has worked with luxury bag production for more than 30 years, and he does not compromise with the quality, even if the solutions are not always the cheapest or the easiest, and these are some of the aspects, I admire the most about him. When I spend time in his factory, it's clear, that Filippo is the living proof of how important leadership is, and how you can effect the whole atmosphere with your presence. Despite being one of the most hard-working persons, I've met, Filippo has an ability to unwind and chill in his garden with his family, when he finally has a moment off. This, and his way of coping with stress, with a smile and a deep breath, is still something I'm trying to grasp...As I cannot bring you all to experience this little magic place for yourself, it's my goal to bring the factory and its people to you, in one way or another - please be patient and stay tuned for this;). 

Till then, you might want to take a moment and look inside our bags. See if you can find the little handmade details, that are all signs of the love and effort put into each and every single product made by Filippo and his team. We hope, you'll value this, just as much, as we value you.

Just in time for the summer, we have now received a fresh production of bags in candy colors -and of course some of my most favorite muted tones. Come see the result of Filllppo and co's beautiful work right here.