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Something is about to happen here...
Something is about to happen here...

When I first took over my shop Store Standstræde in July 2014, I was full of excitement. Finally, I was finally able to present the full collection in a space, that complimented the products. It was fun to meet my clients - and I would meet them every day, as I was working just upstairs in the tiniest loft. I really enjoyed it, felt like full circle. 

The space didn’t need much renovation, other than a refreshing of the walls. I’ve always liked to let the space be, and not add too many distractions. The interior design was made in the simplest way possible, together with my talented friend Oliver Gustav. The approach was to add a soft and feminine tone to the walls, and besides a few signature pieces, to keep everything calm and natural. 

A lot has happened since, - I mean did you notice how many times this space changed its colors over the past 8,5 years?! But now feels like the right moment to reset everything, as in removing and resetting everything, and start all over again. So in just a few weeks, another round of renovation will begin, and the shop will be ready with a new, fresh energy, just in time for spring.

This time the interior design, will be made in collaboration with Studio 0405, and I look much forward to the process -and also to include you here and via instagram, as we go along.

As the products, we do are quite repetitive, I feel that adding a new color to the walls, and finding new ways of displaying the products, brings new life to everything. The approach feels a bit like when I decorate my own home, as I've  always wanted my clients to feel invited into a universe, that would not just look like a store. But before anything, just like at home, comes the removing of everything, then the cleaning and repainting of the walls, and then the remaining steps will slowly materialise. I don't think, I would ever be able to plan everything on a piece of paper, and totally stick to this plan. Space for development and new ideas is needed duirng the process. I cannot yet reveal so much about what it's going to look like here, but I can promise, that we will include you in the steps from the moment we start. Stay tuned!

Pictures by Line Klein