The love of craftsmanship has somehow always been a big part of my whole driving force. I've tried to create a collective together with the produc...  Read more
Connecting with people and more than that, connecting people has always been a big part of my passion and drive, both when it comes to work and my ...  Read more
This whole adventure of creating my own brand, started close to 17 years ago... I was a trained fashion designer, trying to find my way of doing th...  Read more
This is where all our products come to life. This is where I tend to think more clearly, feeling more connected to what is important and also to wh...  Read more
Inspiration comes in many forms, and often from the most unexpected channels. Collecting pictures and putting them together into little mood board...  Read more
When I first took over my shop Store Standstræde in July 2014, I was full of excitement. Finally, I was finally able to present the full collectio...  Read more
Over the years, while working in Tuscany, I mainly stayed at the same little countryside hotel. When I arrive there, it feels like home, and I don...  Read more