Our bags

All Yvonne Koné products are handmade from the finest materials by skilled and passionate artisans at a family-run factory in Italy. Our bags are a result of a close collaboration between designer Yvonne, the visionary, and Filippo, the workshop’s owner and a perfectionist with an outstanding attention to detail – A match made in heaven.

Growing up in Tuscany, Filippo left school at an early age. “I did not like it very much”, he explains. Young and inexperienced, he began working at his brother’s leather factory and quickly realised that this was much more than a mere job; it was an opportunity to learn what it takes to construct a product to perfection.

After 28 years of working with some of the world’s leading luxury brands, is still very passionate about his craft. In the middle of the night, you will often find him in the small workshop he has set up in his own garden, testing out new ideas and technical solutions he just came up with… Filippo is a genuine artisan dedicated to master his art.

Making a quality bag is a long, complicated and meticulous process. It is the sum of numerous parts, and over 100 skilled hands are involved with each and every bag in some way: Pattern makers, benders, seamsters, tanners, producers of zippers, hang tags, lining, metal trimmings, and many more. Not a single bag leaves the factory without having been thoroughly examined with Filippo’s critical eye and approved by his wife Ketty.