Our cashmere

Cashmere is the epitome of luxury and it is why we do not compromise on quality. We source only the finest materials directly from Mongolia, and our scarves are crafted with care by passionate artisans in Italy following traditional methods. This is the secret behind our utterly delicate, soft and warm garments, which you are sure to enjoy and treasure for a lifetime.

Cashmere owes its exquisite quality to its origin and the fastidious process required to obtain the precious natural fibre. Far away in the Mongolian steppe, where the weather is harsh and cold, goats grow long, furry coats that are carefully combed by shepherds to collect the delicate hairs. Each goat yields a mere 250 grams of material per year, which, combined with the cost of sourcing and inspecting the fibre in remote regions, makes cashmere a prized luxury.

Just like all Yvonne Koné products, our scarves are a result of a close collaboration between designer Yvonne and skilled craftsmen. We work with one of the best workshop in Italy, which has been producing cashmere products for luxury brands around the globe for over 70 years.

Aldo, a master weaver with incomparable knowledge and expertise, runs the factory. He is praised for his unique savoir-faire and techniques he acquired over the last 55 years. Together with his team of hard working artisans, he transforms the best cashmere fibre into fine yarn, processed and coloured by hand, and woven to perfection using traditional looms from the early 20th century. Each scarf is then thoroughly examined for irregularities such as loose threads or colour mistakes. Sadly, such age-old and meticulous process is increasingly being replaced by quicker production methods, endangering the heritage of the craft and the profession. It is an art at risk of disappearing. At Yvonne Koné, we are proud to support and promote the work of genuine artisans making quality cashmere goods that mass production cannot match.

By purchasing our scarves, you support the knowledge and legacy passed down from generation to generation, and we thank you.


Your Yvonne Koné cashmere scarf is made to last, and we hope you will enjoy it for a very long time. Ensure longevity by taking good care: Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces. Jewellery like rings or earrings might pull out threads.

We do not recommend wearing a lot of perfume, as it can stain your scarf. Hand wash with a mild detergent, and lay flat to dry. Remove pills with a cashmere comb.