Our leather

All Yvonne Koné products are crafted with care following traditional methods and rigorous criteria. Every single piece of leather is carefully chosen for its ability to age with beauty. Most of our products are made from vegetable-tanned and chrome-free buffalo leather. Following a traditional craft method, we use natural tannins whenever possible instead of harmful chemicals to preserve the leather’s texture, organic look and earthy smell. Because it is untreated, the leather will transform with wear and tear, and the colour will develop a deep, rich and warm tone. With sunlight, air, liquids and oils of your skin, your bag will develop a unique patina over time and carry history.Materials are left untreated for a pure and natural finish, and can vary in shade and texture.

We buy surplus leather cuttings from first class production of well-established fashion brands. It enables us to get the best quality possible for less, to keep costs down, and to use fantastic leather that would otherwise be discarded. Due to the scarcity of material, our products are often available in limited quantity.

We strive to conduct our business in a sustainable manner. This is why we have consolidated our entire production at a family-run factory and we only use local suppliers. Using untreated materials is another way for us to minimize our environmental burden.

Just like a new pair of jeans, dark colours on leather might come off when first used. To avoid smudges on other fabric, we suggest wearing clothing in shades similar to your bag until the extra dye vanishes.

Ensure longevity by taking good care: Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces, direct heat or rain. Colours on leather may come off when first used and we suggest wearing clothing in shades similar to your bag until the extra dye vanishes.