Blending the minimalism of Danish design with a colorful sensibility derived from an Ivory Coast lineage, Yvonne Koné creates luxury Italian-made leather goods, cashmere accessories, and key wardrobe staples that are timeless, understated, and effortless. A pared back, architectural approach to form, materials, and texture balances practicality with a playful approach to color that nods to our African roots. Yvonne Koné creates products of lasting quality, classic beauty, and a reverence for traditional craftsmanship.

Supporting the legacy of traditional artisans

Our line is a subtle study in contrast. Scandinavian design principles come to life through the skill and passion of Italian artisanal craftsmen, and quietly juxtapose with the earthy allure of the Ivory Coast landscape that inspires us. We built our business like any strong relationship, developing trust and intimacy over time with the family-owned factories that craft our products. Those ties bring an added personal touch to our handcrafted shoes, bags, cashmere, and garments, made from the finest, sustainably sourced materials.

Yvonne Koné seeks to strike a unique balance. We create beautiful wardrobe essentials through flawless heritage techniques, and ground them with colors, forms, and textures drawn from African culture.


Yvonne Koné created her namesake label in 2011. She is one of Denmark’s preeminent designers, and received the Elle Style Award in 2017. Her line reflects an effortless sense of style that upholds story and heritage over trend, a dynamic cultural background, and a deep respect for the knowledge and technique of traditional artisans. Yvonne Koné products are sold online, at selected  Nordstrom stores and at her flagship boutique at Store Strandstræde in Copenhagen.